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Our Mission, Vision & Values


The mental health and wellbeing benefits of the outdoors, and Blue Space in particular, are available to all – regardless of any existing barriers – intellectual, physical, behavioural or emotional.


  • To provide Blue Space and surfing programmes to those who currently find that challenging to access.
  • To ensure that those individuals and their families enjoy the benefits of our programmes and build the confidence and social connections to participate in other outdoor opportunities and in society more broadly.
  • To build a strong Liquid Therapy organisation and a surrounding community with the facilities, infrastructure and team needed to achieve the vision.
  • To inspire and practically help others to make outdoor opportunities and Blue Space more inclusive as part of becoming a more open welcoming sporting community and broader society.


  • INCLUSIVE – removing barriers to participation
  • RESPECT – treating each other and our environment with respect
  • INNOVATION – exploring opportunities for learning and growth
  • COMMUNITY – supporting our community
  • FUN – creating connections and building positive experiences