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Our Story

Liquid Therapy was created in 2011 to provide one to one support for young people who wanted to experience surfing but where unable to participate in mainstream opportunities.

Each year the foundation has grown and evolved to work with individuals, families, and community groups from across the country and globe. Each season we deliver a range of programs focused on meeting the needs of each surfer.

Our journey has seen us achieve the Arthur Guinness Award (2014), Shore Shots Film Festival Award (2016), CARA Inclusion Award (2018) and the Donegal Volunteer Centre Award (2018).

It is our belief as a team of dedicated ocean lovers that everybody should be able to benefit from the therapeutic experience that is the ocean. From experiencing the sea for first time to catching your own waves our mission is provide the perfect platform to empower each individual to be able to reach their aquatic potential!

The Turtle

Turtles are special individuals that get to where they want to go in their own time, much like our surfers.

Turtles love the water, much like our surfers!

Turtles when given time and confidence come out of their shell, much like our surfers.

About us


Liquid Therapy is an award winning foundation with its base in Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland. We provide a supported environment that enables individuals to experience the fun and benefit of Surf, Play and Water therapy.

Liquid Therapy is regulated by Ireland’s governing body for Surfing the Irish Surfing Association. We work hard to engage with and build partnerships with providers of the Surf industry empowering them to provide opportunities for those that need additional support in the ocean.